Introduction - Bettina

Bettina, PMU master, the creator and engine of Nitsch Bettina Beauty. Based on 10 years of experience in makeup tattoos and numerous international and domestic training sessions have all contributed to providing our guests with the highest level of service in a beautiful and exclusive salon with a talented professional team trained by her.

It is she who is relentlessly striving for excellence. She is a perfectionist, be it makeup tattoos, hospitality, or the salon itself. She gets the most out of each guest and she teaches the same to her team. Bettina confidently recommends her pupils as well because she also lies beneath their hands with a calm heart. She is sure that doing something wholeheartedly is the surest way to success. Seeing how much pleasure we've given with a makeup tattoo for a satisfied guest is the best proof of how much we love our profession.

Latest trends in permanent makeup - Interview with Nitsch Bettina

The Team

The Salon

In an exclusive environment, equipped with state-of-the-art devices, we always give a warm welcome to our guests.


  • Very accurate and super work in a nice, clean and demanding salon! Congratulations and I can only recommend it to Everyone !!!
    Adél Pákozdi
  • I got a natural, smoother permanent makeup for me. I'm happy, thank you very much!
    Katalin Adrinkó
  • In a beautiful salon I could meet you in a very nice, professional girl! Thank you for your perfect, beautiful job!
    Eszter Kántor
  • Beautiful salon, high-level work! Thank you very much!!
    Krisztina Bruder
  • Proficient, enthusiastic, friendly, trustworthy Bettina I am completely satisfied with your work! :)
    Adrienn Bakus
  • Thanks for my eyebrows. I recommend it to everyone!!
    Anna Kozma
  • I just recommend, dear, good head and precise job! Very professional !!!
    Dalma Torda
  • In wonderful surroundings I got wonderful tattoos. Thank you for your work! <3 :)
    Melinda Bagoly
  • Beautiful and exquisite at the salon, everyone is nice and professional. Enikő me tattooed. I love my new eyebrow!:)
    Janka Busi Ördög
  • A beautiful new salon, a great welcome and Betti's precise, perfect work. My next tattoo will be here too!
    Tímea Scholtz
  • I was at Bettina who is very professional and super beautiful work !!!! And very nice !!!! Thank you !!!!!
    Szilvia Lengyel
  • Incredibly professional and precise work! 10000% performance! Very Happy Thank you
    Diána Frecska
  • Betti works beautiful, accurate, very nice and patient! I can only recommend it to everyone because here the guests are in good hands !:)
    Erzsébet Szilágyi
  • I was at Betti, very precise, and endlessly patient. Pay attention to every detail. I recommend them with a calm heart! By the way, the salon is wonderful!
    Csilla Szabó
  • It was a very direct, kind service. Betti fairy tales a nice eyebrows for me Thank you
    Kitty Vecsei
  • Andi is a very attentive, fairy personality! My eyebrows are very beautiful!
    Tünde Daru
  • Dear Bettina, thank you very much for your beautiful new eyebrow, very much like it!
    Mónika Nagy Szári
  • Andi made my eyebrows with great care, patience and precision for being very grateful to her! It's beautiful ... I already love it! Thank you!!
    Beáta Horváth
  • I can only recommend Bettina to anyone. Dear, cute, precision and not last thing to work beautiful Thank you ! :)
    Kitti Pócs
  • All thanks to the kindness I got there and my new eyebrows! :) I can only recommend everyone!
    Klaudia Serbán
  • It is a very demanding location with professional workers I am very satisfied, thanks Enikő!
    Tamara Broda
  • You are super!
    Tímea Erdős
  • Profession, kindness, precision! Simply the best!
    Eszter Vígh